Trail running videos for your treadmill workout

Running on a treadmill can be a tedious affair.  The tedium can be even more acute for trail runners who are accustomed to enjoying the sensory stimulation of running in nature.  I usually listen to audiobooks if I have to do any treadmill running, but I recently found another alternative.

There are a number of channels on YouTube with videos of people running trails, so you can do your run on a treadmill and watch a first-person view of a beautiful trail run.

I’ve included a few below, but just search for “virtual trail run” and you’ll find plenty more.

Do you have any favourite videos for treadmill running? Post them in the comments.  If you don’t use videos, how do you keep your treadmill workouts interesting?

10 thoughts on “Trail running videos for your treadmill workout

  1. That’s a great idea! I have grown to love a good treadmill session. I usually put a movie on. Something with action scenes. I’m liking the idea of bringing an outdoor run indoors.

      1. I’m in West Virginia, USA. Just finished up my race season. The trails here are beginning to be sloppy or covered in snow. You ever heard of the trail to triumph race in Australia? My buddy ran it this past October and I was thinking of doing it with him next year.

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