Hi. I’m Chris, a Recreational trail runner and ultrarunner.  I’m not a professional.  Far from it in fact.  I’m not even particularly fast.  But, I love the freedom of trail running, and it allows me time to enjoy the wonders of nature on a regular basis.

The running industry is rife with dubious claims.  There are shoes that will make you run faster by talking to your phone, supplements that will help you recover faster, and diets that will improve your endurance and performance.  The evidence to support those claims is dodgy at best, and often sponsored by the companies peddling the products. Essentially, there’s no shortage of products designed to extract money from your wallet, but what benefit are they to you?

With this site, I aim to sort out the science from the pseudoscience and hopefully create a repository of trail running resources, sensible analysis and comparisons of competing ideas.


If you’d like to get in contact, please use this form.  I’m always happy to chat and answer questions.